When you hire an Ohio ASHI CVI (Competency Verified Inspector), you are benefiting from advanced knowledge and field abilities beyond the basic level of licensing. An Ohio ASHI CVI has not only met the requirements for state licensing, maintains the elevated level of continuing education required by the American Society of Home Inspectors, but has been tested in the field on practical knowledge, defect recognition, and effective communication of that knowledge to clients.

Competencty Verified Inspector CertificateThe combination of Ohio ASHI’s Peer Review process, Report Verification review, and Defect Recognition and Report Writing course verify that the inspector is operating at the highest level of competence in the field.

Requirements for Competency Verified Inspector status are as follows:

  1. Be a home inspector license holder in the state of Ohio
  2. Maintains membership in good standing of the Ohio Chapter of ASHI
  3. Has successfully completed The Ohio ASHI Defect Recognition and Report Writing course
  4. Has successfully completed an Ohio ASHI Peer Review with Report Verification

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